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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program


Acorn Loyalty Rewards Program


We are implementing a Loyalty Rewards program! Loyalty Reward points can be traded for services, amenities or even applied to rent. Below are some ways residents may earn and utilize reward points.


Please note any earnings/reimbursements, point value or description may be subject to change at any time. All tenants are automatically enrolled. 



  • Tenants must be in good standing: all money must be paid in full/on time and in compliance with our policy. Please refer to your lease for details.
  • Lack of reasonable complaints from other tenants


How to Earn Points

Point Value


Living in unit starting from Day 1

Half month's rent over 365 day period


Example: If rent is $3000 and you have been living in the unit for 12 months, you would receive 1500 points.

Rate Us on Social Media

5 points

Sites include: Yelp, Google, Facebook,,

Feedback must be honest, fair and reasonable.

Limit depending on site (or no limit).

Must be approved by Acorn Property Management. Please email us at [email protected]

Extended to family & friends of tenant.

Must be verifiable (at least Name and Last Name initial).



10 points

Respond to periodic tenant surveys.

Tenant Referral

250 points

Lease of 12 months minimum must be signed.



Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can improve the program and attract tenants to renew!

Does not include damages


Points cannot be earned from paying for damages. However, you may use your reimbursements to pay for damages.


Points may only be used after tenant renews.
Minimum of 12 month lease or depending on leasing cycle at discretion of Acorn Management.


Point Value




Points = $ value and may be applied directly to rent. (One point = One $) within Acorn Management services. Does not include prepaid visa/debit card.

Deep Cleaning of Unit

Studio: 110-121 points

1 bed: 148-154

2 bed: 170-187

3 bed: 192-200

Acorn Management will provide the cleaning services.


Accent Wall: 100 points

Whole Unit:

Touch-ups: 250-450

1 bed: 750

2 bed: 950

3 bed: 1250

Acorn Management will provide the painting services.






Handyman accessible.



Depending size of damage. Beyond normal wear and tear


Garage: 185 points

Surface: 135 points

Per month

Or additional parking space subject to availability.



Or additional storage space subject to availability.

Guest Parking

15/each use

Subject to availability.

Visa/Gift Card

1/10 return

Tenants may receive cash value back in the form of a visa/gift card for 1/10 of point value. Cannot exceed $599



Please contact our main office or [email protected] with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

This program is being offered & implemented exclusively by ACORN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC (Property Managers) in their capacity as property managers to the building.  The owner(s) of the building are not liable or responsible for any aspect or management of this program:

  • Program is being offered on limited time basis, and may be discontinued or revised  or discontinued by ACORN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC at any time.
  • This is a PUBLIC OFFERING and is not to be construed as an agreement between the owners of the building, property managers and the tenant. This offering is NOT a part of the Lease Agreement.
  • Individual tenants may be disbarred from this program for inappropriate use, misuse, or fraud.
  • Other than payment, per approved list, Property Managers are not responsible, nor warrant the work or services of any 3rd party vendor. Tenant agrees that all request for services are deemed to be individual contracts directly between the tenant and approved vendor.
  • This program may be revised and updated at any time. The most current offering will be as listed on the building web site. It is the sole responsibility of the tenant to keep themselves updated of any changes in the offering.
  • This program limited cash value. Each point may be cashed out at ##ROW_CONTENT##.10 with 180 days advance notice.
  • Tenant has sole responsibility to comply and pay for any State or Federal Tax liability that may accrue to tenant as a result of this program. Please consult with your individual tax advisor.
  • Should a tenant receive the loyalty credit upon renewal and thereafter break the lease for any reason except military exception, management has the right to take back the loyalty credit.